Christmas Traditions in Egypt

Christmas in Egypt is celebrated much the same as it is in the United States. There are some differences that we will show below. One major difference is that Christmas in Egypt isn’t celebrated until the 6th and 7th of January. Here is how the country celebrates.

Decorations – Christmas trees are becoming the most popular decoration. With a mass secularization of the holiday, it is becoming more and more prevalent.

Food – Most Egyptians go on a vegan like diet building up to Christmas. Once the Christmas service is over, they go back to their homes and eat all the things they couldn’t during kiahk.

Christmas Eve – As in many Catholic areas, people go to church on Christmas Eve. The church services usually start around 10PM, and can last for a few hours.

Traditions – Christmas is celebrated on the 6th and 7th of January. The month before Christmas, advent, is known as kiahk.

Santa – Santa is known as Baba Noel, or Father Christmas, but has many of the same attributes.

How to say Merry Christmas – Eid Milad Majid

Other – 10% of the population are Christians. The month leading up to Christmas is called Kiahk.

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