Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria

Christmas in Bulgaria is celebrated much the same as it is in the United States. There are some differences that we will show below. One major difference is that straw is put under the table cloth for good luck in the next harvest. Here is how the country celebrates.

Decorations – Christmas Trees are becoming far more prevalent in the area, and the lightning of those and the houses are becoming more widespread.

Food – Pita is a pie which is coin is baked into, and whomever finds it should have good luck the next year. The meals are normally very much vegetarian, with stuffed cabbage being amongst the top served dishes in the area. Meat is only served on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve – The main meal is eaten on Christmas Eve. Interestingly, there are supposed to be an odd number of dishes and diners at the table to bring good luck into the next harvest.

Traditions – Many Eastern European counties celebrate Christmas on January 7th based off the Julian calendar, but Bulgaria does on December 25th. Advent is also a major part of their celebration.  Food tends to be left out overnight, as Bulgarians are very superstitious and think their deceased ancestors could want some food.

Santa – Santa is called Dyado Koleda, which translates into Grandfather Christmas.

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