Christmas Traditions in Finland

Christmas in Finland sure must be fun! They live very close to Santa Clause, which must make things that much more exciting. Here are some other exciting facts about Christmas in Finland!

Decorations – Christmas trees are still a popular decoration. The country is highly secular, but Christmas is still celebrated commonly.

Food – On Christmas Eve, rice pudding and plum juice are consumed. On Christmas Day, leg of pork and mashed potatoes are the most common meal.

Christmas Eve – People buy their Christmas trees on Christmas Eve. The seller of the trees expect for the buyers to haggle prices with them! Christmas Eve is more important to the Finnish than Christmas Day. People also visit cemeteries on this day.

Traditions – Animals actually get their own Christmas. How cool is that? The farmers hang special treats for them to eat during the feast. Often times, since he is nearby, Santa visits the children personally and gives them gifts. Going in the sauna is also another popular tradition in Finland.

Work – Many, if not most, people take off work during the holidays to spend time with their family.

Santa – Finnish people believe that Santa lives in Lapland which is in Finland. In fact, that is where most Christmas cards to Santa are addressed. He is known as Joulupukki, which translates into Christmas Goat.

Media – The Christmas season is kicked off by many by listening to the Christmas declaration on the radio.

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