Christmas Traditions in Bolivia

Christmas in Australia is celebrated much the same as it is in the United States. There are some differences that we will show below. One major difference is that Christmas actually falls in the beginning of their summer season. Here is how the country celebrates.

Decorations – Nativity scenes are the most common decoration, as Christmas is a highly celebrated religious holiday. Christmas trees are becoming popular in more affluent areas.

Food – There are a variety of foods eaten on Christmas. They can be anything from lamb to beef to pork to chicken, often times in stews.

Christmas Eve – The holiday starts on Christmas Eve. Midnight Mass is also attended on Christmas Eve.

Traditions – The holiday is celebrated from Christmas Eve until Epiphany, which is common for Catholic countries. Fireworks are a tradition on Christmas Eve. Gift giving isn’t something done by many in Bolivia.

Work – In poor areas of the country, Christmas is a work day, as the citizens can’t afford to celebrate.

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