Christmas Traditions in Chile

Christmas in Brazil is celebrated much the same as it is in the United States. There are some differences that we will show below. One major difference is that Christmas actually falls in the beginning of their summer season. Here is how the country celebrates.

Decorations – Christmas trees and outside lights are very popular in bigger cities in Brazil. Nativity scenes are also big, as this is a major religious celebration in Brazil.

Food – Chicken and pork are the biggest items served.

Christmas Eve – The biggest meal is eaten on Christmas Eve. It is usually done via barbecue, and consists of chicken and pork items. Church services are typically held at midnight, as is popular in many Catholic countries.

Traditions – Many people in Brazil go to church starting nine days before Christmas, as the Advent season is winding down. Presents are opened at midnight – which is pretty crazy.

Santa – Santa is called either Papa Noel or Viejito Pascuero in Brazil.

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