The Legend of the Christmas Spider

The Legend of the Christmas Spider is a tale thought to come out of Germany or the Ukraine, but is also told in countries like Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.

The story is told that one year, a hardworking widow, who had no money for Christmas, lived in a hut with her children. After Christmas, a pine cone fell in their hut and it took root. The children cared for the tree and watched it grow throughout the year. On Christmas Eve, the children went to bed sad that they had no money to decorate their prized tree. Overnight, a spider cast it’s webs all throughout the tree. When the children came down, they saw this. Suddenly, the door burst open, and the light turned the cobwebs into silver and gold. They were able to sell this and live out of poverty for the remainder of their life. Some say the door flew open as a miracle from either Santa Claus, Father Christmas or Christkind. The tradition is still celebrated by putting a spider ornament on the tree.

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