Christmas Mountains

There is a range of mountains in New Brunswick, Canada called the Christmas Mountains. Arthur Wrightman named the range and it’s peaks in 1964 because of where they lay in proximity to the source of the North Pole Stream. He named the following mountains:

North Pole Mountain – 2,264 ft
Mount St. Nicholas – 2,051 ft
Mount Dasher – 2,461 ft
Mount Dancer – 2,198 ft
Mount Prancer – 1,903 ft
Mount Vixen – 2,133 ft
Mount Comet – 1,804 ft
Mount Cupid – 1,739 ft
Mount Donder – 2,395 ft
Mount Blitzen – 2,198 ft

There was a massive logging expedition that took place in the 1990’s that took most of the lumber from the area, leaving the mountains as the sole attraction. Sadly, there still is no Mount Rudolph.

Source:  Wikipedia

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