Secret Santa

Secret Santa’s are one of the most exciting traditions during the Christmas season. It is a more recent sensation. It is typically done when a group of people put their names into a pull, and each person, at random, pulls a name out of the pool. This person is then responsible for buying a gift for the person they pulled. Typically, a spending limit is imposed to ensure that there are not wild fluctuations in the price of gifts. This is done often times amongst friends and work associates.

There are several other variations of the game. White elephant gift exchanges are when everyone buys a gag gift at a certain amount of money, and then one by one, people pick a gift. If the next person up wants that gift, they can steal it. This goes on until the last gift is chosen.

It is likely that other games are played in this manner. Feel free to submit any types of games like this that you play with your friends and family!

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