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Welcome and thanks for visiting ResearchChristmas! This site was created in early 2017 to be a one stop source for all things Christmas. My wife and I spent countless hours adding content to the site in an effort to start the process of creating a place where lovers of Christmas could gather, learn and express their love of this wonderful holiday!

As often times happens, life got in the way, and for the latter half of the year, we had to put the project on hold.

I am happy to announce now that we are back at it – except this time we have huge plans for what this could become. It all starts with a redesign of the landing page you are on now. It continues with creating more content, features and articles to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long!

If you are like us, and you love Christmas, please join our community. If you want to take it a step further and help build the site, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Again, we thank you for finding us. We hope you will stay around to help us grow this into something truly special!

Nicholas Volinchak

Founder, ResearchChristmas

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